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Patryk Kulis

Graduate of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, currently one of the lead end-to-end architects for network function virtualization infrastructure in Orange Poland. Started as a PHP developer for an distributed quality of service active monitoring system and quickly discovered his passion for automation. Now he leverages his programming knowledge in the cloud ecosystem, with a particular focus on OpenStack, integrating carrier grade virtual network functions in next generation points of presence across Poland.

NFVI in the Orange Polska

We will discuss OpenStack as a platform for Network Function Virtualization (NFV), from telecommunications operator perspective. Facing the future, with technologies such as 5G and ONAP on the horizon, we act today evolving elements of our network into the virtual domain.

To begin, we will explore specifics of the problem and what differentiates telco solutions from regular applications. Going over the idea of Software Defined Networking, we will uncover different meanings that are hidden underneath.

We will present our experience with OpenStack-based NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) in the context of Orange Group. That will be the entry point to discuss further development and automation in this area. Next, we will touch upon roadblocks encountered during planning and deployment, as well as requirements raised by VNFs providers. The presentation will close with our long term vision about where virtualization is heading.