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Technical Director for EMEA in Mellanox Technologies

Avi Alkobi

Avi Alkobi is a technical director for EMEA in Mellanox Technologies. For the past 10 years he has worked at Mellanox in various roles focusing on the Ethernet switch product line, first as a SW developer, then as a team leader of the infrastructure team responsible for the first Ethernet switch management infrastructure. More recently, he has worked as a senior application engineer supporting the field on post sales, pre sales and complex proof of concepts for E2E Ethernet and InfiniBand solutions. Before coming to Mellanox, he worked for five years at Comverse Technology and prior to this, in the Israeli security industry. Avi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and M.B.A from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel. 

Open Cloud Networking at full speed

Traditionally the physical network (switch) was kept aside as closed solution but today open networking is a reality

This session will present the different NOS (Network Operating Systems) available for an open cloud infrastructure with an emphasis on the open source options like Sonic and Linux Switch Mellanox is a Unique network vendor since it can provides a real End to End network solution for an open cloud infrastructure that includes all the components PCI to PCI this session will present the requirements from each of the network components to be able to perform in the best manner in an open infrastructure environment with an Overlay or l2 or L3 network.