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Technology Manager for cloud applications w Deutsche Telekom 

Frank Kloeker

Frank Kloeker works at Deutsche Telekom as a Technology Manager for cloud applications. He is experienced in Cloud for 7 years, IT for 21 years and 31 years for Operations.

His active time in OpenStack Community began in 2015. He is one of active German translators in OpenStack I18n team, and also he contributes I18n toolings with puppet scripts for translation platform upgrade and translation checksite. Frank is currently PTL.

The Enterprise Working Group is his second workstream in the OpenStack Community. Target of this working group is to identify and remove barriers to Enterprise adoption and deployments of OpenStack because Frank worked in application operation for internet platforms for many years.

Third thing, he invented the Cloud-Kindergarten of Deutsche Telekom 2016. Young people like apprentices and students are trained on production platforms in OpenStack Operations and learning modern Cloud technologies and working in global teams.

What’s the business case behind Open Source – a case study

The OpenStack Community provides not only software. You can also learn working plans, working methods or working tools, for free! Since a while the OpenStack Foundation propagates the Four Opens:

  • Open Source
  • Open Design
  • Open Developement
  • Open Community

How can you adapt the idea for an enterprise company like Deutsche Telekom? And why should they do this? There are benefits on both sides and I would like to show some insights.