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Bartosz Żurkowski

Passionate about designing large-scale distributed systems and enthusiast of innovative technologies in the cloud. Computer science graduate at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. During the studies and after graduation, closely associated with the IT industry. More than 2 years ago started the journey with OpenStack at Samsung R&D, working on a cloud project as a member of the core team building Database as a Service platform for 5G infrastructure. As core contributor, he actively participates in the development of OpenStack Trove by enhancing its feature set in the scope of automated database provisioning, cluster management, and data recovery. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science researching subject of self-organizing large-scale cloud database systems.

Towards Self-organizing Cloud Operations

The demand for cloud OPEX reduction emerging from strict and heterogeneous requirements of modern cloud applications motivates shifting the contemporary manual and semi-automated approaches into an autonomic management framework.

In this presentation, I will highlight the integration of OpenStack projects with the potential to accomplish the first step towards implementing such a framework. I will demonstrate, how to collect infrastructure performance metrics and define alarms in Monasca (Monitoring service), how to declare self-scaling and self-healing scenarios using Vitrage (RCA service), and how to describe advanced cloud workflows with Mistral (Workflow engine).

The overall presentation aims to give a holistic overview of available building blocks in the OpenStack ecosystem that enable modeling of self-organizing behaviors, as well as prove the benefits of employing them into the cloud environment.