Forum Wydarzeń

The place of event

The history of the Forum Hotel

The construction of the hotel began in 1978 based on the design of the Krakow architect Janusz Ingarden. Its official opening took place in 1989 and for years was a showcase of Polish modernism and Krakow itself. Modern, it had 278 rooms, 6 conference rooms that could accommodate up to 600 people, it was also completely computerized. In 2002, the hotel activity was terminated and the building itself closed. After the death of Janusz Ingarden in 2007, the General Office of Building Control declared that the building is still in good condition … and its new history has begun.

Present time

In recent years, the former Forum Hotel attracts not only tourists interested in the history of this place, its architecture, location – a magnificent view of the Wawel Hill and direct neighborhood of Wisla river, but also those interested in numerous exhibitions and events organized in the „Forum Wydarzeń” a conference center with more than 2,000 m2 of space with unique combination of vintage and modern.

In our opinion, the choice of a unique location, full of climate and history is an additional attraction for our conference. The idea of open infrastructure also is finds very well in present the Forum activity where they have their places the Forum Przestrzenie club café, the Forum Mody, the Forum Design, the Forum Pracownie and many others, acting as an example of combining many initiatives within an open infrastructure (space) for everyone.

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